Backwards Character?

‮This is sort of just a small post... Whoops I mean- This is sort of just a small post about a special character that makes all »


I've always wondered. Why do people even want to send out malware, even ransomeware, to people? They obviously know that they'll get caught and get in »

DOSS & VastVoxel

Today, March 19, 2017, DOSS3 will be shutting down. This is also the end of the DOSS series. :( But don't worry, that doesn't mean I'm done »


October 2013: New server created. Currently unnamed. Temporary name Dragon of Smelted Sand used, named after server my dad used to play Glass Dragon. Late 2014: »


So, most of you are probably being directed here from Minecraft, so I'd assume you know what Dragon of Smelted Sand is. Anyway, recently I've been »

DOSS Updates & 1.11

Hello! So, if you play my server and have looked at your server list recently, you will see that it's undergoing maintenance. This is due to »