DOSS & VastVoxel

Today, March 19, 2017, DOSS3 will be shutting down. This is also the end of the DOSS series. :(

But don't worry, that doesn't mean I'm done running servers.

Today is also the day that a new server of mine goes up, called VastVoxel. (Look up the definitions of Vast and Voxel if you want to know why I named it that.) VastVoxel (VV) is a modded server with a Technic modpack.

The server is not ready yet, but you can still download and install the modpack! Open the Technic Launcher and search all modpacks for and install the only one that comes up in the search results. The server will be up by tomorrow evening with the IP address, which is the same as DOSS3.

This post will be updated when the server is up. Enjoy the modpack (and server if you're from 1 hour-a day in the future.)