October 2013: New server created. Currently unnamed. Temporary name Dragon of Smelted Sand used, named after server my dad used to play Glass Dragon.

Late 2014: New DOSS. Calling it :N: DOSS.

September 2016: Again, new DOSS. Calling it DOSS3.

Yes, six months have passed since DOSS3 has started. Yes, three years and seven months since DOSS1 started. Big numbers!

Anyway, absolutely nobody has been playing DOSS3. This is the same problem I had with DOSS2. No active players. I thought a fresh new server would gain players. Welp, I was wrong.

I'm thinking about discontinuing the DOSS series at DOSS3 as well as shutting it down. I personally am not very satisfied with the server currently.

I can not say for sure if I will do this or not, but I will post any updates on this blog.