So, most of you are probably being directed here from Minecraft, so I'd assume you know what Dragon of Smelted Sand is.

Anyway, recently I've been noticing that people aren't playing DOSS3. Like, at all. To be honest, I haven't been playing at all either.

So then I decided I'd create a poll for a DOSS4. Now, this time everything will be different. For one thing, DOSS3 will stay up until DOSS4 is ready. Second of all, it won't be just classic DOSS. There will be a creative plots world, a survival world, possibly a couple minigames, etc. Still haven't worked everything out.

I know that not all of you will be happy with this so I created a poll. You can vote now at the bottom of the page to share your opinion on having DOSS4. All votes are completely anonymous. Also, please don't vote more than once.

So anyway, that will wrap up the boring text part. Please consider voting below so I can know who wants to keep DOSS3 and who wants there to be a DOSS4. Voting will end sometime in March. Alright, here's the poll.