Beware of the YouTube Subscriber Loss Glitch!

EDIT: This has been since fixed. Everybody's subscribers have been returned.

Hello. Recently, a severe bug inside of YouTube was discovered by BlackScreenTV, a fairly popular YouTuber. This bug can result in a large loss of subscribers, and even negative subscribers. Scary!

How does this happen?!

Well, due to a glitch in the subscriber counting system, every time someone unsubscribes to you, you loose 2 subscribers instead of one. After this bug was discovered, people decided it would be fun to unsubscribe then subscribe again, and repeat that process. When you do that, you loose 2 subs, then gain 1, loose 2, gain 1, and so on.

How do I prevent this horrible thing?!

Sorry to say, but there isn't a way. The best thing you can do is stop advertising your channel to people until this bug is patched. The more you advertise, the more people view your channel. The more people that view your channel, the more stupid people who want you to loose subscribers. People these days...

So yeah. Pretty bad.

Even my friend (he recently hit 50 subscribers) got hit with this and dropped down to zero subscribers. Make sure to subscribe to him to get him back up to 50 subscribers. You can find his channel here.

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