Cloud Creative ~ OP-Prison

Cloud Creative is a creative plots server I own. I started it early October and it's still online (yeah, not too long but knowing my server history, it is.) With any creative plots server, it started causing problems and things just got really messed up. I then proposed a full recreation of the server to the admins and then to the moderators and all of them agreed. I worked for about a week non-stop at getting the newer version of the server to be as perfect as possible. At this point, the new version of the server is probably ready for release but then I pretty much started delaying everything (quite normal for me.) It's probably been a week since I last worked on the server and I just don't feel like working on it.

Recently, I got way too addicted with an OP-Prison Minecraft server that I found. Now, I had always liked prison servers inside Minecraft until the prison server I played shut down, then the same thing happened with another. I hadn't realized how much I'd liked prison servers until then and then started thinking about creating my own prison server. I sort of rejected my own idea of creating a prison server because they are really, really hard work. Finally, a couple days ago, I started looking into creating prison servers and began to change my mind about a prison server. I found a few good prison server tutorials (well, really old and outdated ones) and got a good idea of what creating a prison server is like. Finally, this morning, I got up early to begin work on the new server. My original plan was to just quickly throw together a server and update it from there. That way, I could get the server out as soon as possible. I thought that I'd already took enough time working on the recreation of the original Cloud Creative server and just wanted to get it out. I've changed my mind dramatically and I'm going to take as much time as needed to prevent my previous server mistakes (I have a huge server history where I just throw servers together and they just fail.) I'm expecting about another week until I let admins and moderators join and about two weeks until I release it to all players.

Regarding the old server, I'll have all of the following uploaded and available for public download as soon as possible.

  • Original server
  • Original server world
  • New, unreleased server
  • New, unreleased server world

I'll also probably open up the unreleased server to the public so you can play there until I'm finished the new prison server.

Now, I know I've denied survival worlds/servers in the past under the name Cloud Creative due to the fact the name has creative in it. I've changed my mind again since then and the new server will keep the original name Cloud Creative. The server address will be the same, as well ( and the website URL will also be the same but the website will be different, more information on that can be found later in the post.

Regarding the new prison server, most features will be announced in the future but it is based on multiple OP-Prison servers I play/have played in the past and it will be OP-Prison, too. There will be a plot world like most current prison servers have where you can setup shops and build stuff, etc. but the plots will be much smaller, you can redeem less than before, and it's all in survival mode (with a market.) There will be ranks A-Z with a Free rank and there will also be prestiges like the newer prison servers have. There will be only one economy at release but I hope to add etokens (enchanting tokens) in the near future. The new staff ranks I planned on releasing for Cloud Creative 2.0 will be in the new server, as well. Donor ranks will not be in the server but voting for crate tokens will.

There will also be a new website for the server. It'll probably be a fork of one large project I started working on, Carbon, which I unofficially abandoned a couple months ago. There will be a custom forums, information, possibly a dynamic map, etc. there. I will open-source the website as I pretty much do with all my websites.

I think that's all I have to say about the new server. I'll be revealing more features in the future and hope to see you all when the server is finally up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me anywhere you can contact me. Thanks for reading! :D

Completely off-topic

Really quickly putting this here because I don't want to make a separate post on this, I'm probably going to be releasing the server files and worlds for all my old servers for those who have played my servers for a while and want them. Below is a list of the ones I hope to release.

  • DOSS1-3 (Classic DOSS)
  • DOSS4 (Survival)
  • LukeCraft (Really old survival server)
  • VastVoxel (Modded creative)
  • Creative (Creative plots)
  • Factions (Factions)
  • Skyblock (Skyblock)
  • Cloud Creative (Creative plots)
  • Cloud Creative 2.0 (WIP creative plots)

If you want another server I owned and it's not on that list, contact me! :)