Cloud Creative...

It's that time again. Oh, and that other time again. For now, I'm just done with public Minecraft servers. Average player count is pretty much zero. The server is... broken? Spawn is a mess, plugins don't work, errors fill the console, etc.

I honestly haven't been playing Minecraft as much, either. I've been resigning from staff and developer on different servers and just not enjoying the game as I used to years ago. I'll still play some Minecraft servers, though- I'll have a whole list of the ones I play the most in the Discord server #announcements channel soon.

Regarding world saves that I've been saying I'll have for you since 2013-14, they probably won't come anytime soon. If they do, they'll be in a separate post in this blog, so subscribe to email notifications below so you won't miss them.

And also, the BungeeCord network I've been teasing for the past month will be discontinued. It's too much work and I don't even think portforwarding all those ports with no DDoS protection is the greatest idea anyway... I'll try to get the source for that network available for download soon.

Thank you for the support over the last couple of years I've gotten back to running Minecraft servers to all of you, especially the 20(?) Discord users that have been active on the server and been enthusiastic over the Minecraft servers I've been working on.