Goodbye, :N: DOSS!

Hello, all. As many of you know, I own a Minecraft server, called the :New: Dragon of Smelted Sand (:N: DOSS.) Also, if you play the server, you may know that the server is shutting down this Wednesday (August 17.) I would like to give my players (probably you) a bit of information before and after the server shuts down.

  • My blog (this) as well as my website will contain information reguarding the chance of a new public server, and such.

  • I liked all of you guys so much, and I wanted to thank you for playing fair, following the rules, and just playing the server.

  • The :N: DOSS map save can be found here. 1

  • I am working on a...present... for you guys! I will update this page with the download link when it is done.

  • Want to chat with me? Well, you can't. Sorry.

  • I will be starting a new survival whitelisted vanilla server. The only people that will be whitelisted are ClassicalCubes, CJDrawing, BinkofBoldhome, and TheLukeGuy. 2

  • If you have trouble installing the map, click here.

And that's really all. Guys, thank you all for everything. I hope you all have a good day. I'll be on the server later if you need me.

1 - The map save is 510.97 MB, which is pretty darn big! Make sure you have enough space available in Minecraft (and computer!)

2 - Whitelist is where I have to add people to a list for them to be able to play.