A Practice a Day Keeps the Money Away

Hello, Luke here! Today's topic is VERY different from the others. We will be talking about Nintendo Badge Arcade, a free-to-start Nintendo gambler for Nintendo 3DS. I started playing this game about a month ago. Anyway, the point is to collect badges to decorate your HOME Menu. (I just got SpotPass, yay!) Oh meh gosh, the SpotPass notification was for Nintendo Badge Arcade saying Kirby's crashing the Arcade! KIRBY?! Anyway, five plays costs $1.00. Now, you can practice your skills every day and win prizes for doing so! Below is a table I made on what prizes you can earn and how.

Practice Prizes:
Bonus Badge: 1 free play
Super Bonus Badge: 3 free plays
10+ Practice Badges: 1 free play

Super cool, right? Also, if the stupid, annoying, dumb, et cetera bunny talks too much when you start up the game, you get one free play!

Basically my point is, you don't have to pay the money! Just practice every day. Also, you can only practice once a day. I wish you could practice more, though.

Alright, that wraps up today's post. See you guys later. Peace.