Minecraft PE 0.13.1 and 0.14.0: What Can We Expect?

Hello, Luke here. Today we will be talking about Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.13.1 and 0.14.0. So, let's start things off with the release date. Minecraft: PE 0.13.1 is planned to release tomorrow (12/16) in all app stores. According to @_tomcc, it was submitted to app stores about a week before the planned release date because of approval. 0.14.0 has no planned release date, but it should be soon. The developers are hard at work!

Speaking of developers, there is a new developer in the Minecraft: PE team. Jason Major, or @argo_major, joined Mojang a few months ago. Alright, let's get into the best part. Features!

So, first, 0.13.1. We are expecting to see wearable mob heads and pumpkins, but we don't know if that will be in this update. Jason tweeted a few days ago pictures of somebody wearing a pumpkin on their head, and another with a picture of someone in third person wearing a creeper head, captioned "Now for a face only a mother can hug." So true. Nice one, Jason! We may also see update 2 to the redstone update, which will have all redstone items except pistons and sticky pistons. Don't get your hopes up, though, cause there isn't a great chance, but it's possible.

Next, 0.14.0. If update 2 to the redstone update doesn't come out in 0.13.1, it will probably be in 0.14.0. Also, we may get a whole new creative inventory layout. Jason tweeted a picture of it, and it looks a lot like the PC edition. All he showed us was the three new tabs, not the stuff inside them, just the tabs. One is a chest, which in PC is the survival inventory where you can put armor on and have an actual inventory. Also, we may see build-in iOS mods and texture packs! No jailbreak required! This may be in 0.15.0, or later 0.14.0 updates, but it will come. Promise. MCPE developers have been really secret with these features, but we will soon find out.

Alright, that ends this post. See you next time. Peace!