iOS 10

Hey, it's Luke. Yesterday at WWDC16, Apple unveiled iOS 10, the next major update to iOS. Some features include a redesigned lock screen, a Siri API, a redesigned music app, and the best part: you can delete official Apple apps! WE HAVE BEEN FREED!!!

Now, you cannot install the iOS 10 beta software unless you are a developer ($99) until sometime later on this summer. The official release will be in the fall, as always. Now, is the beta stable? No. No beta builds are stable, nevermind the first beta build.

I am currently updating to iOS 10 beta on my iPad, even though I don't have a developer account. I am using a little trick that I cannot tell you guys. Apple doesn't want this to happen and I do not want them to find out about this. Sorry. :(

And that just does it. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this and I'll see ya later. Peace!

Quick note: The banner image at the top of the post is part of the new iOS 10 default wallpaper.