How to View Page Source on iOS

Before I start this, I would like to inform you that I am aware of the new jailbreak. I will write a post when the English version is out.

Have you ever wanted to view the HTML and CSS of a webpage on iOS? Well now you can using a simple bookmarklet.

So, first, go here and copy the code by tapping and holding on a part of the code and selecting the whole code and tapping Copy.

Next, bookmark this page by tapping on the share button and selecting Add Bookmark. Call the bookmark Firebug.

After that, tap on bookmarks, find the folder the bookmark is in, and on the bottom right, tap Edit. Now, tap on the bookmark you created and replace the URL with the JavaScript code you copied.

And you're done! To use Firebug, all you have to do is open the bookmark on any website.