Google & YouTube Easter Eggs

Hello, Luke here! Let's shoot for no intro this time... Just read the title! :)

A list of Google easter eggs:

  1. atari breakout - Type atari breakout in Google Images and you get a cool brick breaker game!
  2. zerg rush - Type zerg rush in Google and O's eat your results! So cruel!
  3. conway's game of life - Type conway's game of life and you get some game... I haven't played it yet, so I can't tell you what it is! :/
  4. google in 1998 - Search google in 1998 and you can see what Google was like in 1998!
  5. do a barrel roll - A classic- Type do a barrel roll and Google will do a roll for you! Epic, right?
  6. blink html - Search blink html and all results with html will blink!
  7. askew - askew will tilt your page!
  8. recursion - Search recursion and it says "did you mean recursion?," which leads you to the same page.
    More coming soon!

A list of YouTube easter eggs:

  1. doge meme - doge meme will make all your search results all dogeish!
  2. do the harlem shake - do the harlem shake will play the "do the harlem shake" song!
    More coming soon!

And that's all! See you guys later and peace.