DoSS News!

EDIT: The server is ready for release and will be released sometime this week.

Hello, Luke here! Today I have a bunch of news on not only the third generation of the Dragon of Smelted Sand server, but news on the older one. Let's get rooooooooouat into the news!

First, the old server. So when the :N: DoSS shutdown, I wrote a post on it and said that there would be a "present"... Well I had no idea what that would be and I just felt like adding that... Sorry, but no present.

Next is that the original DoSS from back in 2014 (or 2013, I forget...) map save will be available for download on Planet Minecraft sometime soon! The whole New DoSS server folder is available on Planet Minecraft right now, but soon only the map will be available for those who do not want to go digging through the server folder to retrieve the world save.

And the part that you've all been waiting for: Dragon of Smelted Sand v3...

With an ETA of August 20-30 to the public, Dragon of Smelted Sand v3, abbreviated DoSS3, will be the third generation of the Dragon of Smelted Sand server. DoSS3 will have the same style as the other two servers, you start in survival and earn your way to creative. Any staff from the :N: DoSS or the DoSS can ask for their rank back if they wish. If you have any questions, you can PM me on Planet Minecraft, my username is TheLukeGuy. Only staff on the previous two servers can ask me for early access while the server is whitelisted, so if you aren't staff, please don't bother asking. The answer is no.

And that's all! I can't wait to see all of you again on DoSS3! I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I will see you later. ✌️